Fosterclubs is the first, patented single club for golfers of all levels, utilizing rare earth magnet technology. This in turn allows a quick release and a secure attachment.

Fosterclubs will be entering a golf industry that is expected to expand about three million golfers between now and 2020. As part of this growth, Fosterclubs will ultimately set a new standard for the golf industry.


The Fosterclubs and the Fosterclub Bag, will blow the competition out of the water with its lightweight technology, eco-friendly earth magnets and its unique style.  No more need for the bulky golf bags, or the backpacking, book-bag technology.

The lightweight Fosterclub Bag combined with the Fosterclubs, will free the hands of those consumers who still choose to walk the golf course. Best of all, with the Fosterclubs and the Fosterclub Bag, there is no strain on the consumer’s back or shoulder.

True, golf bags have come a long way in adapting an ever-changing landscape of the game, but consumers are ready for a much easier way of carrying their golf clubs and club bags. To ensure market potential, the Fosterclubs and the Fosterclub Bag possesses several advantages: innovation, eco-friendliness, reduced personal injuries, travel convenience, and reduced entry cost.


The technology will help reduce injuries by decreasing the average weight of a 35 pound golf bag with the 14 standard clubs, to 7 pounds with the Fosterclub system. Golfers who carry their own bag have twice the incidence of back, shoulder and ankle injuries as those who do not carry their bag.


The Fosterclubs utilizes rare-earth magnets, unique geometry and interference fits for secure and successful, quick release and
exchange of all head types on one shaft.


The Fosterclubs and the Fosterclub Bag provides light weight technology to help assist the golfer with carrying the Foster Modular Golf Clubs.

Many golfers are extremely passionate about the sport and are very receptive to innovative technologies that promise to improve their performance or enjoyment of the game.

The Fosterclub Bag will also become the ‘first choice’ golf travel set. Many golfers now have the ability to travel with their golf
clubs. Fosterclubs technology eliminates the multiple bulky components, making it easier to travel.